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About Private Student Loans in California

Accorrding to experian, in 2019, the average student loan debt in California was $37,468. This was a 6.3% increase from 2018. As we progress into 2020 we can expect a continual rise in that number. As the cost of debt students take on increases, it is important they have access to the low rate private student loans they rightfully deserve.

More On Student Loans

Private student loans are loans that are meant to cover the cost of tuition that isn’t covered by student aid or federal loans. Sometimes the cost of attending university can be more than you are allowed in federal aid or loans, a private student loan can be used to cover those costs at a reasonable rate.

Private student loans can be used to cover more than the cost of tuition. A private student loan can be used to cover the non-tuition-based expenses that come with attending college. A private student loan can be used to cover the cost of books, living expenses and transportation expenses along with others.

We help you get the best rate available on a private student loan in California with our lender network. We’ve partnered with student loan lenders who specialize in student loans in California. So rather than applying to an individual lender and hoping you get the best rate, we give you multiple options. Since these lenders specialize with underwriting loans in California, they will be able to offer you the best loans available in the state.

People love using CAloan because we make getting the best private student loan available to you in California fast, simple and convienent. Using our convienent connection system helps our consumers compare multiple offers all from one platform, saving them thousands on interest rates in the long run. Get started now risk free.

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