Personal Loans in California

A Personal loan is a great option to fund nearly any activity and take control of your personal finances. A personal loan can be used to finance a medical emergency, wedding or special event, travel and any other unforeseen expenses

Personal loans are offered by lending institutions. A bank, credit union, or other third-party lender offer personal loans. After your personal loan gets funded you pay back the loan back over a fixed period.

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In today’s competitive environment, there are plenty of reputable lenders who want to give you a personal loan no matter your financial situation.

Personal Loan Products

Achieve all your financial goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it. Get a personal loan and use it for whatever you need.

Medical Emergencys

Personal loans are a great option to fund unexpected medical emergency. Get connected to a personal loan for any kind of medical emergency expense today.

Special Events

You can fund your dream marriage, vacation or any other special event with a personal loan. Have the wedding or other special event of your dreams. Get connected to your ideal lender today.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Use a personal loan to consolidate your credit card debt into a single, low rate payment rather than owing multiple high rate interest rates and late fees over multiple credit cards.

Ultimate Flexibility

A personal loan is a cash loan that is deposited into your account allowing you to use the funds however you see fit. Giving you the ultimate flexibility and allowing you to take control over your personal finances.

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Features of Personal Loan

All loans are not created equal, personal loans has become a great option for people to use. They have the ultimate flexibility with low rate and quick funding.

Faster Loan

Getting accepted for a personal loan can take as little as seconds and funds can be deposited as fast as same day as acceptance.

Choose your amount

Whether you need as little as $1,000 or as much as $100,000 a personal loan has you covered. Use the loan for any purpose you see fit.

Enjoy the best rates

Our personalized loan connection system can match you to the lenders who will offer you the best possible interest rates available to you.

Personalized experience

California loans lending experts have done the research so you don’t have to. This allows you to compare lenders offering personal loans and choose your ideal lender or allow us to connect you to them in seconds.

Why Get Connected to a Personal Loan

Lenders look at many different features when determining loan eligibility. Our system will use your details to match you with a lender who will offer you the lowest rate available.

Low Rate

We will match you with reputable lenders offering the lowest possible rate for your exact situation.

Safe and Secure

We are industry experts dedicated to your security and experience. We will never connect you to a lender offering financial services we wouldn’t use ourselves.

No fees ever!

Our service is 100% free to use and getting connected to a loan with California Loan will never effect your credit score.

Frequently Ask Questions

We understand that getting a personal loan can be an overwhelming experience. We want to make this experience as transparent and easy as possible. We are here to give you all the tools you need to make the right decision.

A personal loan is money borrowed that be used for any personal use. They are great options for funding home improvements, paying for special events like weddings or vacations and to pay off your credit card debt. A personal loan can be a smart way to consolidate high-interest rate balances under one monthly rate. The repayment of the loan is made in monthly payments of principal plus interest. Personal loans are great options to anyone who wants ultimate flexibility to make big purchases, then pay it off at a pace that is perfect for you.

A personal loan is right for you if you need a low rate loan funded fast for a personal reason. Personal loans don’t require collateral and offer favorable terms to consumers. They are paid back in simple monthly payments of principal plus interest.

You can get a personal loan 24/7 thanks to California Loan. We can connect you a lender around the clock. Our lending partners can approve your application in as little as seconds at any time.

We connect you with lenders by taking your information on our personal loan form. Once you submit your information to us our automated system will give you options of lenders who lend to individuals in your exact situation in seconds. You then go through and apply for your loan through the lenders website knowing your loan criteria matches their acceptance guidelines. We hold the highest standard for our lending partners and make sure we will only  match you with the best, most reputable lenders available.

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